Excalibur at Eco-fruit Conference

 In Horizon 2020

The Excalibur project was presented at the 19th International Conference on Organic Fruit Growing, held at the University of Hohenheim (Germany) on 17-19 February 2020. Ecofruit is a forum that brings together researchers and consultants working on organic fruit growing, giving them the opportunity to communicate and discuss latest innovations and achievements.

During the conference, Prof. Eligio Malusa (INHORT) presented the project objectives, concept and tasks to the more than 100 researchers, advisors and farmers present during the Workshop Session “Soil Management (projects Domino and Excalibur)” hеld on Monday. The presentation allowed to explain the vision of considering the impact on soil biodiversity and the need of multifunctional formulations as important aspects to promote the effective use of bioinocula in fruit production. The attendees were also able to learn more about the project during the several discussions on plant nutrition and protection of the Conference’ sessions, since the goals of the project, particularly those related to the analysis of sol biodiversity were mentioned as an important tool for the sustainable use of bioinocula.

The project idea and tasks were also made available through the presentation during the posters’ session. A brief description of the project was also published on the Conference proceedings available also on the websit here.

And, to learn more about Excalibur follow the link.

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