Excalibur partners carry out field activities

 In Horizon 2020

Maria Grazia Tommasini (CRPV), Giovanni L’ Abate and Lorenzo D’Avino (CREA) performed field activities in Italian fields. The aim of the activities was to define soil profile and collect soil samples of 6 Italian soils, where field trials will start next spring within Excalibur project on 3 different crops – strawberry, tomato and apple.

Assessing color of a soil layer by Munsell charts in organic arable land

Describing soil profile in Italian apple orchard

Different soil layer in profile

Earthworm hand sorting in apple orchard

Preparing fixed earthworms for expedition to London National History Museum

Pit excavation in German organic apple orchard

Pedologic survey in IPM apple orchard

Mapping soil variability by gamma ray spectrometer in apple organic orchard

Kob apple

Irrigated organic strawberry fields in a farm involved in the project

Integrated greenhouse Italian fields, with “harvest bike”

Extraction of microarthropods by Berlese funnels

Pit 1 in what will be an integrated pest management tomato field

Pedological surveys by means of The Mole spectrometer in future strawberry field

Sampling for soil thin section

Pedological survey during COVID period

Preparing fixed nematodes for expedition to Inhort

Soil profile 4 in organic apple orchard

App org it digitalized

Mapping soil variability by gamma ray spectrometer in apple organic orchard

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