CREA is a major Italian research institution dedicated to the agricultural sector. Specifically, the group of researchers from CREA AA (Agriculture and Environment Research Centre) has a broad expertise in soil science, environmental science, microbial ecology, soil biodiversity and on plant-soil interactions, particularly as affected by fertilizers. CREA is coordinating the project (WP7) and is involved in: i) assessing the soil chemical, physical and pedagogical features, the dynamics of soil microbial and mesofaunal diversity and LCA (WP1, WP4); ii) characterizing the metabolic potential of selected microbial inocula (WP2); iii) highlighting the processes underlying plant-soil-microbe interactions (WP5). CREA will also develop and validate new tools for the detection of bioinocula in soil and for the assessment of their effects on specific microbial community diversity (bioprofiling) (WP5). Finally, the well-developed structure dedicated to dissemination at CREA will effectively support activities of WP6, where it will also be important for the support in regulatory matters on fertilizers to both national and international authorities.

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